Why the Kangaroo?

For a number of reasons such as:

§  Affordable and cheaper solution
§  It makes step motors run cooler
§  It makes step motors run quieter
§  Eliminate the mess and difficulty with less cable installation
§  Efficiency with lower energy loss
§  Flexibility with more precise temperature control
§  No screen, no button
§  Control it by mobile phone or tablet
§  Uses SD card for the G-codes
§  Plug and play


Kangaroo 3D Printer Controller

With the Kangaroo Controller Card, step motors work cooler and quieter as we have utilised our expertise in efficient step motor controller designs and spent hours developing a new innovative driver. Our innovative design also reduces energy loss meaning you pay electricity costs for printing only, not for heating the components.

Furthermore, the temperature of the extruder is very important for the printing quality, and so we spent countless hours testing and developing a temperature control system.

By assigning multiple purposes to the same input/output pins we were able to make installation much simpler by reducing the number of cables drastically.

So as to avoid wire crowding, screen or control buttons were abandoned and instead we implemented an intuitive Bluetooth connection. With the Bluetooth connection, you have the ability to control your 3D printer from several metres away with the use of your smartphone or tablet.

Coming soon...